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Re: Debian Enterprise - a Custom Debian Distribution

On Tue, 2003-12-02 at 06:45, Bruce Perens wrote:
> Thanks. I can't get to your site at the moment.

My ISP has been intermittent over the last week - obviously having
server troubles. Usually fine though.

Also if you were trying my personal domain: http://soulsound.net/, that
might still be propagating through the DNS servers.

http://debian-enterprise.org/ should work though. Hopefully the ISPs
servers are up again soon.

> I have just closed out some customer work that has been taking up 100%
> of my time, and am today writing a manifesto that I will post at
> userlinux.com .

Please CC us - debian-devel@ldo.

> I am still negotiating with the large industry group that approached
> me about this project. When the price tag is north of $1M, it takes
> time. If that works out, they would fund 3-5 engineers full-time, plus
> myself and an admin to work on the aspects of this project that are
> important to their industry group. And only their industry group.

Good luck. Sounds like your usually inspiring win-wins.

>  Thus, there is room for participation of a number of vendors and/or
> industry groups, as well as direct participation by all of the various
> entities that would participate in Debian.

Of course. Good point to clarify too.

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