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Re: Mass-filling against packages without MD5-sums? (was: debsums for maintainer scripts)

> * Michael Ablassmeier (abi@grinser.de) [031201 19:55]:
> > I think, at least Packages like "dpkg" or "gnupg" should call
> > "dh_md5sums". I was wondering, if it would be usefull to make
> > a mass bug-filling against these Packages. Before, it would be
> > nice to have a List of Packages (maybe sorted by Maintainer)
> > which do not call "dh_md5sums".
> > 
> > IMHO Lintian should also check if "dh_md5sums" is called and
> > print at least a warning if this is not the case.
> I agree with you, and I would support mass-filling, if first such a
> list has been published here on d-d, together with the warning of
> mass-filling.

I disagree. Filing bugs on packages not having md5sums _might_ be ok,
altough last time I checked, md5sums were only sugested, nowhere near
a must in policy. Filing bugs based on missing calls to dh_md5sums is
simply stupid. You don't need to build-depend on debhelper to have

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