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Brian May <bam@debian.org> writes:

> <hat mode="debian maintainer" package="dar">
> Hello,
> I am trying to get long file names to work in dar (uptodate
> debian/unstable).
> So far, I don't think I have had any success (at least I
> don't see any evidence...).
> I have traced it to the AC_SYS_LARGEFILE autoconf macro (autoconf 2.57),
> it outputs the following in config.log:

As Steve Greenland suggested, you are confusing AC_SYS_LARGEFILE
and AC_SYS_LONG_FILE_NAMES.  From the Autoconf manual:

     Arrange for large-file support(1).  On some hosts, one must use
     special compiler options to build programs that can access large
     files.  Append any such options to the output variable `CC'.
     Define `_FILE_OFFSET_BITS' and `_LARGE_FILES' if necessary.

     If the system supports file names longer than 14 characters, define

I didn't look at your log file, so there could be something else
going on too.
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