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Re: [RFC] adding system users: which is the best way??

On Sun, 30 Nov 2003, Anthony Towns wrote:

> > After purging the package they are still there
> > and after installing another daemon they are suddenly owned by another
> > package's user.
> You could fix that by having adduser generally try to avoid reusing
> uids/gids in the various dynamic ranges (which would require keeping a
> track of purged users). But the only time an admin should be /required/
> to get rid of cruft (extraneous users, random files) is when s/he
> specifically created them -- by doing cp -a /etc/foo/ /etc/foo.bak, eg.

So the recommended way is to
 - remove users on packet purge
 - create the user on initial install if it is not there yet,
   or ask the admin for an alternate username if it does exist?
   (using foo1, foo2, foo3 etc if run non-interactively?)

This started out with the question if we should ask the admin when
creating users in order to avoid using a username that might be an
ordinary user of the system.

Another solution would be to start all users that are created by
packages with an underscore, like _foo, _bar, etc.  That sucks for
aesthetic reasons but would make potential problems go away.

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