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Re: RFA: A lot of packages

Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> * Simon Richter <sjr@debian.org> [2003-11-14 17:03]:
>> - python-imaging(*)
>>(*) Gerhard HÃ???ring expressed interest, but I have no definitive word.
> It seems nobody has picked this package up yet.

I'd be willing to co-maintain it/help out with a present debian
developer. (i.e. I have no problem investigating bugs and preparing
packages but I'd like to have a sponsor before I assume any more package
maintainerships. Of course, I'd also be happy to co-maintain with/help
out another non-developer who takes care of getting uploads, but it
seems that my past sponsors all are very busy.)

As a token of my interest, I've filed a FTBFS bug with patch and
suggested closing bug #140350 to the submitters (sorry about forgetting
the "thanks" to the BTS). The latter bug complains about text drawing
not working due to the lack of fonts which seems to be taken care of by
the freetype support added in some new upstream release between the time
of reporting and now (namely the 1.1.4 series.)



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