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Re: more details on the recent compromise of debian.org machines

James Troup <james@nocrew.org> writes:
> Since we didn't have direct physical access to klecker it's Internet
> connection was shut down and disk images were made via serial console
> to a local machine on a firewalled net connection.
> Gluck, Master and Murphy were wiped and reinstalled from CD.  data and
> services are in the process of being restored.

As Joey confirmed, this means that klecker (aka security.d.o) wasn't
reinstalled after the compromise - Could someone *please* explain how we
know that klecker's kernel and binaries are not modified *without*
rebooting it from a clean r/o medium (like a CDROM) [1]?


[1]  Which seems to be impossible, as we don't have physical access.
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