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Which package provides policy-rc.d


I'm running a Debian installion across a network and run into the problem
that I must start some services (like lpr) on some hosts and on some
others not. So I need a way to deactivate services per host.

My idea is to ask a command, if the process should really be started. For
me, the right point is invoke-rc.d and /etc/init.d/rc. I started to
rewrite invoke-rc.d and found policy-rc.d. If present, it is run to find
out, if a process should really be started - exactly why I want. But no
package provides policy-rc.d. So why it is used in invoke-rc.d?

I don't see why it should be possible to start a command, if invoke-rc.d
or rc said no. So I think a veto-rc.d which prevents the starting of a
process should be enough. I changed rc and invoke-rc.d so that run
veto-rc.d for a command and if this returns true the command isn't

I changed the scripts of file-rc and uploaded them to
http://www.minet.uni-jena.de/~joergs/veto-rc.d/. I uploaded a simple
veto-rc.d with a config file, too.

I hope someone knows what policy-rc.d is and can comment my idea, because
the maintainer of file-rc will stay conform to sysv-rc, which uses

Bye, Joerg.

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