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Re: PGI anaconda and d-i

Arash Bijanzadeh <a.bijanzadeh@linuxiran.org> writes:

> Hi all, 
> I need a graphical installer that could support the i18n and RTL. It

Register Transfer Language?
Resistor-Transistor Logic?
Real Time Language?
RunTime Library?

> seems there is 3 choices that I mentioned in the subject. I sould be
> really glad if I could have the developers' opinion about the
> present and the future of these 3 installers.
> waiting to hear from you.
> Regards 
> Arash

The graphical part (gtk frontend) of Debian-Installer has not been
developed for some time now. The people involved in it rather spend
their time on the other components at the moment.

But its just a frontend for cdebconf. If someone spends some time
bringing it up to speed D-I can use it fine. But you would need to
find such a someone if you want graphical D-I.


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