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Debian php4-bin fcgi?


I'm doing a setup for a fcgi php4 (apache & mod_fcgi), and after manually
compiling php4 as fcgi I found I could do the same by just getting the
source package for php4-bin and simply adding '--with-fastcgi' to
COMMON_CONFIG in the debian rules file (and then rebuild the package).

My question:

 Is there a reason why nobody has thought of simply turning this
 param on, and adding it as a php4-fcgi package?

If not, could this be added as package?

Or is there a way to simply install the cgi AND the fcgi as part
of the php4-bin package? This would be really handy for people using

I could also use mod_php, but I feel that seperation of functionality
is a good thing. Not only is it impossible for a fcgi to crash a webserver, or be hacked through it, but it also possibe to run the FCGI on a different server, making it more scalable & secure. Last but not least: I can use fcgi to give al my users their own php, and still use the advantages of the caching
& persistent connections Zend has to offer.

Kind regards,


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