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Re: Bug#220838: ITP: verbiste -- a french conjugation system

Quoting Raphael Goulais (raphael@nicedays.net):

> I don't have problems with the "a" at the beginning of the short sentence. You 
> do. I think verbiste's short description is short enough with 4 words, 
> including the "a".

He gave you reasons, which seem perfectly valid to me.

The point is not whether removing the "A " is needed for saving space
or not. The point is consistency among Debian packages.

If these "a thing" contructions are encouraged, we will end end with
all Debian package being "a stuff for doing this", "a stuff for doing
that"....useless...and boring..:)

Joe suggested "French conjugation system" as description for Verbist
and I second that.

FYI, the french translation team banned all "Un " from the packages
descriptions translations.

So, if your package is described as "A french conjugation system", we
will translate this a "Système de conjugaison français" in the

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