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An idea about testing


After reading some recent postings to -release about non-perfectness of 
testing, I've got the following idea.

There are many reasons (other than actual bugs) why particular packages 
don't propagate to testing. Some of those reasons are somewhat 
fundamental (e.g. huge dependency chains). But not all reasone are such.

Currently, the latest sid version of each binary package is the candidate 
to propagate to testing. That means that if a new version is uploaded to 
sid, this delays the propagation for another 10 days. And if dependency 
chains are considered, the actual delays caused by new sid uploads become 
much more than 10 days.

However, why only the last sid version is considered?
The idea is: let a particular version of package to become a candidate for 
testing, and be such a candidate until it either enteres testing or there 
is a very serious reason to replace the candidate version be a newer one. 

Any sid upload is not a "very serious reason". Possible "very serious 
reasons" are:
- а fix of a RC bug,
- sid upload with urgency=high (or perhaps a new field may instead of 
urgency may be introduced),
- candidate versions of more than N other packages depend on later version 
of this package.

I have not performed a research about what effect this will have on the 
testing, but I guess that this will make it work better. At the other 
hand, it should be not-so-difficult to implement.

What do you think on this?

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