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Re: Bug#220838: ITP: verbiste -- a french conjugation system

On Fri, 2003-11-14 at 17:35, Sebastien Bacher wrote:
> * Package name    : verbiste
>   Description     : a french conjugation system

Drop the leading "a".

>  It contains a C++ library, two programs that can be run from the command line 
>  or from another program, and a GNOME applet. This applet shows a text field in 
>  the GNOME Panel where the user can enter a conjugated verb and obtain its 
>  complete conjugation. The knowledge base is represented in XML and contains 
>  over 6800 verbs

"Verbiste is a tool which allows the user to enter a conjugated French
verb and obtain its complete conjugation. Its knowledge base currently
contains over 6800 verbs.

Verbiste is available in command-line and GNOME applet form."

(I suggest you break out the library into its own package which can
contain more details about it.)

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