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Re: Bug#220779: ITP: zope-epoz -- Cross-browser-wysiwyg-editor for Zope

On Fri, 2003-11-14 at 10:58, Andreas Tille wrote:
> * Package name    : zope-epoz
>   Description     : Zope Public License (ZPL) Version 2.0

This is not much of a short description.

> Long description:
>  Epoz allows you to edit Zope- or Plone-objects with a wysiwyg-editor.
>  No plugins are required. You only have to use a recent browser
>  (IE >= 5.5, Mozilla >= 1.3.1, Netscape >= 7.1) that supports
>  Rich-Text-controls (called Midas for Mozilla).

"zope-epoz provides a web-based wysiwyg editor for editing Zope and
Plone objects. It can do edit X, Y and Z.

Browsers which support Rich Text controls (for example, Mozilla's
"Midas" are required to use Epoz."

In the suggests line put Mozilla >= 1.3.1; in the README.Debian put more
information about requirements (if it's not already in documention
included with the package).

>  Homepage: http://www.zope.org/Members/mjablonski/Epoz

I'm getting a little sick of seeing homepages in long descriptions.
Policy clearly says "Copyright statements and other administrivia should
not be included either (that is what the copyright file is for)."
(Section 3.4)

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