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New kernel headers break LVM build

LVM1 includes kernel headers in its build - yeah, I know, but it does interface
(rather too) tightly into the kernel.

The problem now is that the linux-kernel-headers package has Linux 2.6 files in
it rather than 2.4 and LVM(1) is not supported in 2.6. so it doesn't build. 

This isn't a new problem with LVM. ie: not upgrading to 1.0.7 isn't the answer
as 1.0.7 won't build in this environment either.
Bug: #221663

The only solution I can think of is for the lvm10 package to build-depend on
(eg) kernel-source-2.4.19, then in the build script untar the header
files, make the arch symlink (ugh) and compile against that.

Does anyone else have any nicer ideas? apart from getting everyone to migrate to
LVM2 :-)


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