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Re: First pass all buildds before entering unstable

In article <Tvgj.mB.17@gated-at.bofh.it> you wrote:

> Take workrave, for instance. Perfectly stable, as far as I can tell. Not
> built recently on m68k (because of libgnomeuimm2.0-dev), not built on
> alpha for a very long time (same reason). It's not in testing, which is
> bad enough, with your idea only ancient versions would be in unstable.

->  libgnomeuimm2.0-dev not registered

-> libs/libgnomeuimm2.0_2.0.0-4: Installed by younie-crest [optional:out-of-date]
  Previous state was Uploaded until 2003 Nov 18 11:28:19

-> gnome/workrave_1.4.1-1: Failed by schmitz-q650 [optional:out-of-date]
  Reasons for failing:
    [Category: none]
    uninstallable b-d
    E: Couldn't find package libgnomeuimm2.0-dev
  Previous state was Building until 2003 Nov 07 02:46:31

Maybe you want to request a rebuild on m68k-build@nocrew.org?

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      Ingo         \X/

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