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Re: Minneapolis, MN USA BSP + Keysigning

Important directions correction below:

* Scott Dier <dieman@ringworld.org> [031119 00:01]:
>           One way to get here from there:
>           Take Hwy 10 to Foley Blvd., go south.
>           Take a right at 99th Ave NW
>           Take a right at Woodcrest
>           At Foley continue straight, the road becomes Quince at this
               ^^^^^  Should read Egret, not Foley
>           point.  Be careful of the transformer box to the left at this
>           two-way stop, it can sometimes hide cars.
>           Take a right at the 2nd street (its an access road)
>           Find a parking spot in guest parking, if none are avaliable,
>           park in the driveway to unload and then we will find some
>           parking for you.
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