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Re: Bug#220034: ITP: gtk-acl -- GTK front end to manage ACL permissions

On Mon, 2003-11-10 at 13:59, Sebastian D.B. Krause wrote:
> * Package name    : gtk-acl
>   Description     : GTK front end to manage ACL permissions

"tool for managing ACL permissions"

> gtk-acl is a GTK front end to manage ACL permissions on files and
> directories. You can set write, read and execute attributes to ACL and
> unix files permissions, change user and group owner of unix file and
> add or delete ACL users and groups.

What is it a GTK front end _to_? I don't think this is too important
from the user's point of view.

I suggest either:
 - s/GTK front end/GTK tool/
 - s/GTK front end/tool/

The second sentence is muddled and run-on. What do you mean by "to ACL
and unix files permissions"? I suggest re-writing it in two or possibly
three separate sentences. Since this is an ACL permissions editor, it is
probably a good idea to have a separate mention of ACL and regular
user/group file permissions.

Some mention of just what ACLs are and why one would want to manage them
should be added.

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