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Re: MIPS port backlog, autobuilder machines and some arrogance

On Mon, Nov 17, 2003 at 12:53:39AM +1100, Martin Michlmayr - Debian Project Leader wrote:
 > [ Responding to this since I've been BCCed. ]

 Oh, nice.  If hadn't been Bcc'ed you wouldn't respond?  That's
 reasuring, since you seem to be one of the few persons who's got some
 information on the subject and are somewhat willing to talk.

 > Also, while we are covering this topic, let me mention that mips is
 > not a "door stop" architecture.  While most machines which were
 > _very_ powerful in the past are fairly dated now (e.g. SGI Indy),
 > mips CPUs are actively being developed.  There are CPUs with 2 cores
 > and > 1 GHz frequency.

 Care to give an example of one of this "_very_ powerful" machines,
 which are in production and where Linux actually runs?  The "_very_
 powerful" SGI Indy was attractive at its time only because of some of
 the graphics boards it supported, none of which are supported on Linux.
 There are some newer "_very_ powerful" machines with MIPS processors,
 but AFAIK noone has actually ported Linux to them.  There's one "_very_
 powerful" machine using MIPS processors which supposedly will be made
 available with Linux on it in the future, yet it's already shadowed by
 machines using AMD64 processors which happen to be available now and
 where Linux runs now with support for all the functionality of the

 Just curious...


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