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Re: Installing kernel-image-2.4.22

Moin Otto!
Otto Wyss schrieb am Sunday, den 16. November 2003:

> I tried to upgrade the 2.2 kernel from Woody to 2.4.22 and installed
> kernel-image-2.4.22. During installation a large text but barely
> interpretable text about initrd.img is shown. Why can't the install make
> a fully correct lilo.conf by itself? Besides the text is wrong instead
> of "initrd=initrd.img" it should be "initrd=/initrd.img".

File a bug report against kernel-package. It could in fact be automated.

> So far so good but after installation I don't have network access
> anymore, probably because 2.4.22 has the network driver as a module.
> Instead of this sermone about initrd, it'd be better if this fact were
> mentioned in the installation. A hint to use modconf after installation
> would be very helpful. 

You install the new kernel so you must know what you are doing. And this
task cannot be automated since there is AFAIK no method to get a list of
active device drivers with corresponding module names from the runninng
kernel (lsmod is not the solution, I mean built-in driver too).

> The question remains why kernel-image packages don't require the modconf
> packages. It seems to me obvious that modconf has to be run after a
> kernel upgrade.

Why do you need modconf? "editor /etc/modules" is enough. Btw. modconf
belongs to the "basedebs". Why did you remove it in the past? Why do you
complain about missing it then?

> How do I install modconf without a network connect? Okay just boot into

How do you buy a Debian book and learn to read?

> the old kernel with network support. Well the kernel-image package adds
> the second entry to lilo.conf but forgets to uncomment the prompt and

No. Maybe you mean liloconfig from the lilo package, but then
investigate what this happens and contact the lilo maintainer. No reason
to bitch on debian-devel.

> timeout parameteres. I don't know what would happened if the new kernel
> wouldn't run.

You would know if you had read appropriate documentation _before_ doing
system senstive tasks. Hint: "man lilo.conf"

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