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Re: Bug#220358: ITP: mecab-ipadic -- IPA dictionary compiled for Mecab

Scripsit Tim Dijkstra <newsuser@famdijkstra.org>
> TSUCHIYA Masatoshi <tsuchiya@namazu.org> wrote:

> >     Each User may also freely distribute the Program, whether in its
> >     original form or modified, to any third party or parties, PROVIDED
> >     that the provisions of Section 3 ("NO WARRANTY") will ALWAYS
> >     appear on, or be attached to, the Program, which is distributed
> >     substantially in the same form as set out herein and that such
> >     intended distribution, if actually made, will neither violate or
> >     otherwise contravene any of the laws and regulations of the
> >     countries having jurisdiction over the User or the intended
> >     distribution itself.

> First, IANAL and not a native speaker nor a regular debian-legal reader,
> but I can't see what is exactly nonfree in this piece of licence. In my
> reading it just says,

Apart from the "you must follow the law" clause, it also only allows
derivates that are "distributed substantially in the same form as set
out herein".  That is a restriction on modification, which fails the

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