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Re: Bug#220358: ITP: mecab-ipadic -- IPA dictionary compiled for Mecab

On Wed, 12 Nov 2003 14:12:41 +0900
TSUCHIYA Masatoshi <tsuchiya@namazu.org> wrote:

> computational processing of Japanese texts.  Unfortunately, its
> license has small violation of DFSG, as follows:
>     Each User may also freely distribute the Program, whether in its
>     original form or modified, to any third party or parties, PROVIDED
>     that the provisions of Section 3 ("NO WARRANTY") will ALWAYS
>     appear on, or be attached to, the Program, which is distributed
>     substantially in the same form as set out herein and that such
>     intended distribution, if actually made, will neither violate or
>     otherwise contravene any of the laws and regulations of the
>     countries having jurisdiction over the User or the intended
>     distribution itself.

First, IANAL and not a native speaker nor a regular debian-legal reader,
but I can't see what is exactly nonfree in this piece of licence. In my
reading it just says,

1) Do what you want with it
2) Keep a NO WARRANTY section in the licence 
3) Don't do any illegal stuff

grts Tim

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