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Re: radiusd-freeradius history and future

On Thu, 13 Nov 2003 03:59, Andreas Metzler wrote:
> > Also I believe that Lee's statement regarding NIS is incorrect,
> > unix_chkpwd only does /etc/shadow.
> testing.....
> You are wrong, unix_chkpwd does NIS (at least in the szenario I just
> tested). After changing unix_chkpwd from 4755 root:root to 2755
> root:shadow a NIS user can not unlock the terminal he has just locked
> himself with vlock anymore.

I've just read the code more carefully.  It seems that the only NIS specific 
code is the following:
if (strcmp(pwd->pw_passwd, "*NP*") == 0) {      /* NIS+ */
  uid_t save_uid;
  save_uid = geteuid();
  spwdent = getspnam(name);
  salt = x_strdup(spwdent->sp_pwdp);
} else {
  salt = x_strdup(pwd->pw_passwd);

Now if the program is SGID shadow (same as vlock incidentally) then the UID of 
the process should already be the same as pwd->pw_uid and therefore it should 
all work.

Or do you have to be root for getpwnam() to work on NIS accounts?

Could you please do some more tests on this?

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