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Problem with libc6 and 'chgrp / chown' remains ...

    With the recent libc6 bugs closed, I tried upgrading both a testing and an unstable machine to the latest deb.
However, the problems with utilities like chown still remain on both machines.

Can someone please add a line in their /etc/group file under the group 'users' and make sure it's greater than
700 characters and then try something like   'chown 1001.1001  some_file.txt'  and see if it works.
Make sure that user with gid 1001 is also included in the 'users' line.  (i.e. a users gets their own group and we
also put them in the users group too)

I'm still seeing infinite loops and rapid resource utilization doing this.  Actually, I've narrowed it down to 676 characters
that work.  As soon as you go 1 beyond that it loops.  Strange ...

Please CC above addresses if it's not too much trouble.


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