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Re: On linux kernel packaging issue

Eduard Bloch <edi@gmx.de> writes:

>> # time bzip2 -9k linux-2.6.0-test5.tar
>> real    2m40.974s
>> user    2m33.679s
> ...
>> user    2m49.316s
> Even then, it's about only 10 percent. Let's compare them with vanilla
> kernel, optimised for P4:

What are you trying to measure here?  If you want to benchmark the
kernel, use something that spends a significant amount of time in the
kernel.  Programs like bzip2 spend almost all their time in userspace.
Unless the kernel significantly changes algorithms for things like
swapout, your benchmark says more about random variability than kernel

There are many meaningful kernel benchmarks: bonnie, contest, and many
others.  Those are the programs that will tell you how well the kernel


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