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stable executable names

If this should go to -user, please holler - I'll happily subscribe if I
can get this discussed somewhere.

I use the following commands:
 mozilla-firebird => run Mozilla Firebird browser
 mozilla -edit => run Mozilla (trad. only?) editor
 mozilla => run Mozilla (traditional) browser (though rarely)

There is also
 mozilla-XX.XX => latest version, symlinked by mozilla
 MozillaFirebird => seems to be default used in menu system

Now, what's finally got to me one too many times:
* I run firebird then can't run mozilla.
* I run mozilla then can't run firebird.
* I run firebird, then mozilla editor, then CAN'T RUN FIREBIRD any more
(only mozilla traditional comes up, alongside (earlier) firebird

What the hell is going on?

And shouldn't we have stable executable names?

If the menu system wants a "standard" name, shouldn't it use
/etc/alternatives, or a generic name, like www-browser (perhaps it

Isn't this all horribly confusing to newbies and not-so-newBs like

If I'm running an app, shouldn't I be able to run additional instances
of that app???!!??

If I run mozilla or firebird, shouldn't I also be able to run the other
(since they're both installed)?

(Advanced: If I want to run multiple "processes" of an app (eg. when
moz/ firebird was buggy this was very frustrating for me (to not be able
to do)) shouldn't I be able to run multiple "top level" processes of
[mozilla|firebird|name-your-app] (this is probably because I'm a
clueless newbie to the relevant forking command to do so... but perhaps
it's just not possible with Mozilla because of all this wierdness going
on) ??)

The current situation (in my mind) in no way befits a system labelled as

I look forward to any input on the matter,

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