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Re: Bug#219139: ITP: cdcat -- a graphical (QT based) catalog program

On Wed, Nov 05, 2003 at 12:44:40AM +0100, Jorge Bernal wrote:
> What about this?: 
> Description: media catalog program 
>  CDCat is a graphical, multiplatform media catalog program which scans the      
>  directories/drives you specify and makes a list of the filesystem (including
>  the tags of MP3s) and stores the result in a gzipped XML file. 
> I have done s/music/media/ because it indexes not only music, although it's
> oriented to that by the fact that it reads the id3 tags

Perfect.  I now know exactly what it does, and (if I was looking for a
program to do that) would pick cdcat straight up.

Pity I'm not looking for a program to index my media, otherwise I'd sponsor
your uploads.  <g>

- Matt

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