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Changes in t1lib.

Hello Developers,

I would like to inform you, that some important changes happened to
t1lib 1.3.1-4[1] package.

I changed the naming scheme. All binary packages contain version in its
name, i.e.: t1lib-dev is now named t1lib1-dev. Of course old packages are
provided as a dumb packages with dependencies only. However technicaly it
requires no changes in your packages, it would be nice and polite if you
changed Build-Deps from t1lib-dev to t1lib1-dev. I am going to submit
a wishlist bug against those packages as soon as 1.3.1-4 is approved.

List of involved packages:

editex, Stefano Zacchiroli zack.at.debian.dot.org
gfontview, Steve Haslam araqnid.at.debian.dot.org
grace, Torsten Werner twerner.at.debian.dot.org
gtkmathview, Stefano Zacchiroli zack.at.debian.dot.org
lablgtkmathview, Stefano Zacchiroli zack.at.debian.dot.org
microwindows, David Schleef ds.at.schleef.dot.org
php4, Adam Conrad adconrad.at.0c3.dot.net
php4-gd2, Adam Conrad adconrad.at.0c3.dot.net
sylpheed-claws, Gustavo Noronha Silva kov.at.debian.dot.org
tetex-bin, teTeX maintainers debian-tetex-maint.at.lists.dot.debian.dot.org
tex-guy, Masayuki Hatta mhatta.at.debian.dot.org
ttf2pt1, Anthony Fok foka.at.debian.dot.org
ultrapoint, Takuo KITAME kitame.at.northeye.dot.org
vflib3, Masayuki Hatta mhatta.at.debian.dot.org
xdvik-ja, TSUCHIYA Masatoshi tsuchiya.at.namazu.dot.org
xpdf, Hamish Moffatt hamish.at.debian.dot.org

OTOH I am working on t1lib 5.0.0 which will be uploaded[2] soon.


[1] this version has been uploaded 2 days ago and it is awaiting for
    ftpmasters' approval (#189694).
[2] as t1lib5 package; if you like extreme sports ;) fetch it now from
    http://blabluga.hell.pl/t1lib5/, this version is binary incompatible
    with 1.3, so be careful.
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