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re: Grsec/PaX and Exec-shield

On Tue 4 November, spender wrote:

> I've spared you your precious time and gone ahead and done this for
> you.

You might have a better reception if you dropped the attitude.

Anyone reading the thread will quickly form the opinion that maintaining
PaX within Debian would likely require frequent interaction with people
like yourself{1}, Tiago Assumpcao{2} and Peter Busser{3}. On the other
hand, maintaining exec-shield would involve collaborating with people
like Ingo Molnar. From reading your respective posts, I know which I'd prefer...

- Arrogant arsehole. Professes not to care if users get rooted, and
would apparently withhold security vulnerabilities he discovers in
competing projects in order to further the ends of the one he himself

- Paranoid loon who believes the exec-shield ITP is part of some
sinister RedHat conspiracy to take away our freedoms. 

- Wants to ensure that Adamantix will have an edge in security over
Debian in the future. Claims he "would very much like to see that this
project [Adamantix] serves no purpose anymore, because some or all of
its ideas ended up in other (more mainstream) distributions"
(http://www.adamantix.org/motivation.html), but started the distro
before even looking into the possibility of working within Debian. Later
opted *not* to become a Debian subproject when approached by the DPL.
Yet still has the audacity to berate others for not doing enough to get
PaX into Debian!

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