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release cycle Was: [debian-devel] Re: A case study of a new user turned off debian

A levelezőm azt hiszi, hogy Daniel Jacobowitz a következőeket írta:
> <insert usual rant about new users that start with unstable deserving
> what they get>
> No, really.  This is what stable and testing releases are for.

I fully agree. But...

When I tell it to my friends, some say that stable is way too
old for them. In these cases I used to think about how the
release cycle could be shortened. (I am also thinking about
this thing when we talk about the kernel...)

In theory it would be possible to state only one or two
release goals, announcing feature freeze shortly after
stable is out, and some draconian rules for deep freeze
would help. If one knows that the next window to put new
features in is close, and even if the release goals are
clear for two or more next stable releases, it would be
easier to behave seriously both for the maintainer who
is eager to stick new nifty features in, and the user
who wants to use them.

This is IMHO. And what is your opinion?

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