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Re: garden variety of /var/log/* naming patterns

On Fri, Oct 31, 2003 at 05:09:34AM +0800, Dan Jacobson wrote:
> Policy says:
>      Log files should usually be named `/var/log/<package>.log'.
> However I notice the word log is already in that directory's name.
> Anyway, I notice there are a whole garden variety of naming patterns.
> $ ls -F /var/log|perl -ne 'print unless (/\.(gz|\d)$/||/\/$/)'|column
> XFree86.0.log           kdm.log                 mail.log                uucp.log
> aptitude                kern.log                mail.warn               wtmp
> auth.log                lastlog                 messages                wwwoffle-htdig.log
> boot                    lilo_log.12767          ppp-connect-errors      wwwoffle-upgrade.log
> daemon.log              lp-acct                 ppp-ipupdown.log        xdm.log
> debug                   lp-errs                 scrollkeeper.log        xfs.log
> dmesg                   lpr.log                 setuid.changes
> faillog                 mail.err                syslog
> fontconfig.log          mail.info               user.log
> Yes, many due to historical reasons.

BTW, the 0 in XFree86.0.log correspond to the display used, so if you
run two X server, you will have two log files (XFree86.0.log and


Sven Luther

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