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Re: Automating of localizations

Petter Reinholdtsen dijo [Thu, Oct 30, 2003 at 08:50:03AM +0100]:
> > What should I do?
> You should start by listing all valid time zones for the locale.

Ok, I will send you a second patch for it. Things tend to change in
this country, as the daylight savings are quite new - each year it
changes a bit. Would you prefer having three entries (each for a major
timezone in Mexico) or as many as there are registered mexican cities,
even if they (currently) are in the same timezone?

> The code need to be changed to handle multiple time zones properly.  I
> suggest picking one of the zones as the default, but accepting any of
> the zones in the list when checking if the currently set zone is
> correct.  This would set a fairly reasonable default and leave it to
> the user to change it if the default is wrong.  If the user do change
> the default, later runs will not overwrite the selected zone.
> Another way would be to add a debconf question, and ask which one of
> the relevant zones to select.
> Either way, we need to modify the code in addition to listing all the
> relevant zones.

Ok... I will at least do my part... But, I agree, this deserves a
Debconf dialog - it is the only sane way I think of. I think that
adding a third specifier (i.e. es_MX_MX, es_MX_HR, es_MX_TJ, etc.)
would be too little standard. Besides, we would have to come up with a
way to unpredictably mix es_MX_TJ and en_MX_TJ, as in the border
cities in general (Tijuana [TJ] would be the most prominent example)
half of what is said is said in English ;-)


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