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Re: Bug#213524: automake: serious breakage with new install-info behaviour

Adam Heath wrote:
> On Sun, 26 Oct 2003, Santiago Vila wrote:
>> Adam Heath wrote:
>> > I'm not fixing this bug.  automake should not be doing what it is
>> > doing, as it was bound to fail.  automake was depending on questionable,
>> > and wrong behaviour, and it's not surprising it died as it has.

>> Yes, we all agree on that, but the issue here is not to blame dpkg
>> or automake but instead saving the sarge release from a very great
>> breakage.

>> We all agree that this is an automake bug and not a dpkg bug, but if
>> we release sarge in this way, there will be a lot of packages that,
>> when built from source, will not yield the "same" binary that we
>> distribute in the archive. This is some sort of FTBFS, since source
>> and binary do not match.

> Better to fix the bugs now, before release, then have them hang
> around after.

Isn't it better to wait with introducing rc-bugs just for fixing a
cosmetical issue in dpkg when we have a year left to fix these bugs
instead of when we are planning a release?
          cu andreas

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