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Re: status of Progeny projects

On Sun, Oct 26, 2003 at 09:54:08AM +0100, Martin Schulze wrote:
> Ian Murdock wrote:

Hi guys,

> > We have ported Red Hat's Anaconda installer to Debian; essentially,
> > we replaced calls to RPM with calls to APT, and replaced
> > Red Hat-specific configuration hooks with calls into the configlets and
> > debconf. We have also written a tool called PickAx that
> > facilitates the creation of Anaconda-based Debian installation CD sets.
> I wonder why Progeny "invented" yet another installer for Debian
> instead of helping Debian push the debian-installer forward which is
> the accepted installer for sarge.
If I got Ian right they try to build a installer framework and package
mangement frontend that can be used by several distributions indepent
from the package format and other distribution specific things.
Sounds a little bit like one of the aims the UL guys had when they
started. IMHO a good idea.
> A "new" different installer can only mean two things:
>  1. ignored by the Debian community since d-i is the way to go.
I realy hope that sarge will be released before the new progeny stuff
is ready to use and that this topic can be discussed again _after_ the
sarge release. For me it sounds like a long time goal and not like one
of those "hey sounds good let's hack it, we'll be ready in one week"

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