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Re: status of Progeny projects

Martin Schulze wrote:
I wonder why Progeny "invented" yet another installer for Debian
instead of helping Debian push the debian-installer forward which is
the accepted installer for sarge.

Obviously, You are right. Anaconda is quite good installer as is, but it hasn't been invented to use with Debian, and it *will* need a lot of work to be able to use on all debian architectures.

 1. ignored by the Debian community since d-i is the way to go.

I think this will happen. Debian-installer is the way to go, it's almost ready on some architectures, and it is accepted as mainline installer for Sarge. I may only suggest to use parts of anaconda as GUI version on d-i, not to replace or split installers into two versions.

Apart from "this does not help Debian at all" I wonder if the above
were anticipaged by Progeny.

Inventing next installer does not help Debian at all - I agree. But maybe we really can use Anaconda's parts for GUI based installation with d-i?

PS: Maybe I'm misinterpreting this as well, so please get me on the
right track.

Hm, Maybe I'm misinterpreting too, but IMO yours way of thinking is the same as mine ...

Regards, and sorry for bad english,

Mati (mati@maticomp.net)
One man can make a difference
    -- Wilton Knight, Knight of the Phoenix (Knight Rider)

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