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Re: Source only uploads?

Matthias Urlichs <smurf@smurf.noris.de> writes:

>> No he is right.  There is benefit in testing whether a package
>> builds in an environment that is not minimal.
> We already get that by virtue of the maintainer, who (presumably...)
> builds and tests the package before uploading it.
>>  And if we can get
>> that with no effort at all, then why not.
> ... but can we? I value consistency. 

Fine, but the buildds are not identical.

> I especially would value the fact that, barring architectural
> differences, an i386 package is built by exactly the same process
> that's used for an ia64 and s390 and m68k package. Thus, when somebody
> reports a bug on those architectures, there is significantly less work
> involved when I check whether that bug is reproducible, arch-specific,
> or whatever.

Not true.

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