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Re: Source only uploads?

* "Adam Majer" 

| I run Xfree 3.xxx and because of that I could not install 
| qt3-mt-dev needed by mysqlcc.

You can run an XF3 server with the apps using XF4 libs.

| IMHO, it is very important that source only uploads are allowed
| in case:
|  a) developers are not running Sid
|  b) developers are not running up-to-date Sid

You should run sid.

|  c) people are using pay-per-minute connections where uploading
|     5MB might cost less than uploading a 50k diff.

Then build on a debian machine and just copy the .dsc and .changes to
your system, sign them and copy them back.  (Yes, that means that you
don't get to test the built software, but if the .diff.gz is the same,
that _shouldn't_ matter. ;)

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