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Re: mailman defaults [was: Re: nethack popularity contest - number_pad?]

On Wed, Oct 22, 2003 at 10:41:35PM +0100, Mark Brown wrote:
> It's not much less annoying on high volume lists ("Gee, that'll be why
> I'm getting sent all this mail for the list then.").

    Try administering either sometime.  I ran a small list of maybe a hundred
or so people.  Low volume, would get maybe 100-200 messages a month on a busy
month.  I had an average of 5-10 addresses not on the list bouncing to me
every month.  So every month I'd run a script that took the list's delivery
list and send out an "administrative note" to catch those addresses as there
was no other way.  I imagine the problem is far worse on large lists; esp.
when it started digging into the effciency of the overall system.

    Oddly enough I never got any complaints about my administative notes.
They were regular and easily filtered.  A task that the users easily managed.
Same with the monthly reminders.  Don't want them, filter 'em.  It is exactly
1 delivery per month and I'd wager you could catch all mailman reminder
notices with one filter.  Consider it part of the price of participating in a
maintained mailing list.

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