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Re: faster boot

On Tue 10/21/03 14:44, Christoph Berg wrote:
> I've been thinking for a while to use a Makefile for that, then you get
> parallelizing for free with 'make -j'. It should be easy to set up the
> rules for starting services; stopping might be more complex (how to
> 'reverse' a Makefile?).

You could just use ssh-start and ssh-stop. Maybe something like a
central Makefile rc1.M which includes rc1.d/{ssh,xdm,...}. These then
have targets like {ssh,xdm,..}-{start,stop,restart,reload,...} Along the
lines of:

start: foo-start bar-start
stop: foo-stop bar-stop

foo-start: bar-start



bar-stop: foo-stop

For two daemons foo and bar which bar provides a service to foo.
Although, since it will be multiple makefiles, will make be able to
parallelize it? Although, you could just have a script, either at boot
or install pregenerate the rc1.M file. Since these would only change
when the sysadmin does it or a new package is installed/updated then an
update-makeboot would work.


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