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Re: faster boot

Robert Giardalas said on Sun, Oct 19, 2003 at 11:55:52PM -0400:
> I had some preliminary modifications of the parallel loading system 
> proposed by James Hunt from IBM working for Debian, but it looked like 
> it would speed things up less than 10%, which wasn't enough to lure me 
> away from SysV, so I said it aside.  I still have some of the files 
> around, if you want 'em.  I don't subscribe to this list, though, so 
> email me directly.

I suspect that the improvement would be _very_ system dependent, though.  For
example, netatalk takes a _long_ time to start, and parallelizing would be a
benefit.  sendmail can take a while too, especially if you have DNS issues at
boot time.

I have to admit though; I just think it's neat.  :)


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