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Re: Source only uploads?

John Hasler dijo [Mon, Oct 20, 2003 at 03:25:45PM -0500]:
> Gunnar Wolf writes:
> > I think a third (or, after reading some replies to this same mail,
> > fourth, fifth or nth) way could be used: Binary packages enter Sid as
> > usual. Now, after the 10-day period, when they are ready to enter
> > Testing, they are autobuilt. Only the autobuilt version hits Testing.
> Then Sid would contain almost nothing but i386 binaries.  And when Chrony
> breaks on one of the autobuilders and I upload a hopefully fixed version I
> would get to wait ten days before it gets autobuilt again.

No, we would still build when entering Sid for the rest of the
architectures. Only that when entering Testing, it would be autobuilt
for just the remaining architecture or (if it was needed) for all of

I know that my idea instead of saving buildd time works the other way
around, but it can at least help us get a more stable Testing.


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