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RE: recent spam to this list

Kris Deugau wrote:
> > > OK, I think I've thought of a sort of a counter-example: [...]
> > > I'm sending "from" myfriendsdomain.com's server, but I don't have an
> > > account there. I do, however, have an account myaccount@mydomain.com
> > > on my own server- to which I want all replies/bounces/etc to go to.
> [...]
> IIRC the original question was answered to the satisfaction of the
> person who asked it.  Listing the servers allowed to send mail "from"
> your domain, as a part of your DNS, makes perfect sense to me...  "all"
> you have to do is track down the IPs of those machines.  <g>

Alternatively, you could still use <myaccount@mydomain.com> as the envelope-from when sending from *anywhere* -IF- you send through mailserver.mydomain.com using SMTP-Auth.

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