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Re: nethack popularity contest - number_pad?

On Thu, 2003-10-16 at 20:30, Joshua Kwan wrote:
> Searching for a general consensus here...
> These days Debian's nethack packages contain default nethackrcs which
> enable number_pad style controls (instead of hjkl keys) by default, due
> to a bug filed on the packages a long time ago. Of course, there are some
> who like it and some who don't. It's too trivial to ask a debconf question
> about it upon install so it boils down to a popularity contest.
> Which is better? I like the default keys because you learn how to use
> nvi very efficiently knowing the hjkl-style keys :) I'm searching for as
> many opinions as possible so please speak up!

Lots of modern laptop (and "compact") keyboards lack number pads; the
only way to play NetHack on my laptop is hjkl.

Honestly, hjkl rather than a number pad is one of the least confusing
NetHack parts of NetHack's UI to a new player. I'd prefer it was hjkl by

(And, I'm an Emacs user, at that.)
Joe Wreschnig <wres0003@umn.edu>

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