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Re: faster boot

> there has been a lot of interest lately on tecniques to obtain a faster
> boot

It depends of what is machine meant to do.
If it's just a X workstation with some services run just for testing
purposes you can start just after syslog and xfs-xtt and X server.

I managed to lower the start time to 23 seconds (from 35 seconds) - what
I need is to be able to login as fast as it is possible, but have the
services started.

I modified runlevel 2, so that it runs syslog, xfs-xtt, gdm which forks
off and them I pause for 5 seconds. During this time I can login fast
without any glitches and have WM started. After that, normal startup
sequence is being completed and I don't care how many services have to
be started.

I'd like this feature to be out-of-the-box by just saying in base config
or boot scripts debconf that this machine is workstation.

I'm not subscribe to this list, so please CC me.

Bartosz Zapalowski

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