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Re: Which packages will hold up the release?

Colin Watson wrote:
> In the first example, the fact that foo depends on bar while
> simultaneously conflicting with the version of bar in the suite you're
> looking at is the thing that's bad, because it means foo can't be
> installed. The second example is OK, even though foo and bar can't be
> installed simultaneously; in an ideal world we might check that one of
> them is Priority: extra, but there's a bit too much other stuff going on
> for this to be feasible right now.

Thank you.

> These examples are a bit contrived, but there are certainly real cases
> in the archive.

My script currently only finds one:

- jpilot-backup depends on jpilot >= 0.99.4-1 but testing has 0.99.2-2
- jpilot-backup conflicts with jpilot << 0.99.4-1 but testing has 0.99.2-2

If you know of other cases, I'd appreciate a note so I can examine why my script doesn't find them.


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