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Re: Which packages will hold up the release?

Steve Langasek wrote:
> Yes, I refer to these lists frequently. :)  Thanks for putting these
> together!

Thanks for using them. ;)

> Yep, and libxml2 is also a dependency of libxslt.  But of course,
> neither of these are packages that need direct attention; the one is
> held up waiting for the other, which is only waiting because it's too
> young.  It's the related packages that need to be examined and put in
> order (by removals or NMUs), and there's no good way to figure out right
> now which packages those are, short of digging through the dependency
> tree (or running simulations).

I don't quite follow you here. What exactly would you like to see? Which
packages are waiting for the libxslt/libxml2 knot to be untied? That's
available here:

> Well, if you want to write a script that can trawl the dependency graphs
> and identify work-needed packages within a cluster... :)

Could you tell me in more detail what you mean? I'm not very experienced with the Debian release process, so I am not familiar with the nuances. I already trawl the dependency tree, what information would you like to distill from it? (I.e. define "work-needed packages" and "cluster".)

A hypothetical example would be good, to get me on the right track.

(I'll be away for the weekend, so I can't respond until sunday.)

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