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Re: Bug#215103: ITP: gmasqdialer -- gtk/gnome client for masqdialer server

On Mon, 13 Oct 2003 01:44:57 -0400
David B Harris <david@eelf.ddts.net> wrote:
> Obviously if the short description is too long, something needs to go -
> and in that case, certainly not mentioning the toolkit is reasonable.
> However, in this particular case ("gtk/gnome client for masqdialer
> server", but really "gnome client for masqdialer" since the "gtk" is
> assumed when talking about GNOME) is 35 characters long.
> If you think 35 characters is too long, feel free to start filing
> thousands and thousands of bugs on all the other packages, suggesting
> that they remove little bits and pieces.

(And if you don't, please don't bother people about it - instead file a
bug on Policy asking for the short description guidelines to
specifically say "do not mention the application's toolkit".)

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