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Re: Bug#215103: ITP: gmasqdialer -- gtk/gnome client for masqdialer server

Daniel E. Markle wrote:
* Package name    : gmasqdialer
  Version         : 0.99.13
  Upstream Author : David Pinson <dpinson@materials.unsw.edu.au>
* URL             : http://www.dpinson.com/software/gmasqdialer/
* License         : (GPL)
  Description     : gtk/gnome client for masqdialer server

How about "client for masqdialer"?

From the freshmeat description:
 GMasqdialer provides a GNOME/GTK client for the Masqdialer system. The

Which is it, GTK only or GNOME?

 masqdialer system provides a user-friendly cross-platform method of
 controlling a masquerade box's modem connection from any computer on a

You might want to define what a 'masquerade box' is.

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