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RE: recent spam to this list

Tollef Fog Heen wrote:
> * Riku Voipio
> > Second hint: If you insist on your right to forge your email address,
> > anyone else can forge your address as well. Is that a right you really
> > need?
> Uhm, how would you forge your own mail address?  It's like forging
> your own signature, something which is, by definition not possible:

A sender address, which the envelope-from is, is neither a signature nor an identity token (although it's often abused as such).  It's an address.  As I already responded[1] to Andreas Metzler a few minutes ago, it's very well possible to forge a sender address.

> > Third hint: You can still choose to allow any IP send emails in your
> > domains name. Just do not add the records in dns, and everything will
> > stay as it is currently.
> No, I can't.  I don't control the DNS of my University, a few of my
> ISPs and so on.  Nor do I control Debian's DNS.

Although Debian might not want it, maybe that's exactly what the University wants.  Maybe they want you to use their mail server to send mails when using their domain in the sender address, so they have control over how the service "e-mail" is used "under their domain".

And everyone please stop making broken "e-mail vs. real world" analogies.


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