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Re: recent spam to this list

Miquel van Smoorenburg <miquels@cistron.nl> wrote:
> In article <[🔎] 20031010120406.GD2526@balrog.logic.univie.ac.at>,
> Andreas Metzler  <ametzler@logic.univie.ac.at> wrote:
>> SMTP AUTH is no magic solution, you'd have to start routing mail by
>> sender instead of recipient.

>> Take myself, sharing a computer at home with somebody else who uses a
>> completely different domain for her e-mail. Currently I simply take
>> all mail and throw it to my current[1] internet access provider's
>> smarthost. I would have to change the mail routing to send mail from
>> me to smarthost A and mail from the other person to smarthost B.

>> Even myself alone uses different domains for my mail, e.g. very rarely
>> @debian.org.

> You know, there is a difference between Envelope-From (SMTP MAIL FROM:)
> and whatever you put in the From: header. They don't have to be the same.

I do know that, but e.g. (closed) mailing-lists check the envelope
from. And it does not help in the first szenario at all (unless you
think it to be ok that user a receives the bounces for user b).
                     cu andreas

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