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specifying which IP addresses can send mail for a domain

Joel, can you please provide information on the experimental method for 
specifying which IP addresses may be used to send mail from a particular 

The method of using DNS to specify that only certain IP address ranges may 
send mail purporting to be From: your domain has the potential to offer 
significant benefits for spam blocking as well as allowing us to reduce our 
reliance on other methods (eg the contentious services such as 
dynablock.easynet.nl which get debated on these lists).

I would be happy to configure my servers to avoid checking the dial-up lists 
if such a method could be used instead, and I think that this would make a 
lot of people happy.

The method in question has never taken off because of lack of application 
support.  If we make all mail servers in Debian support it then that could be 
what is needed to make it a success.  I would be happy to devote some coding 
time to this if it can result in a net reduction of SPAM.

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